Global Offshore Wind 2016


Global Offshore Wind 2016

15th Annual Offshore Wind Conference & Exhibition | Manchester Central | 21-22 June 2016


The expansive exhibition will showcase high quality exhibitors including manufacturers, developers, service suppliers, consultancies, government agencies and more. Join exhibitors already signed up such as Dong Energy, Fred Olsen Windcarrier, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, Senvion and Siemens.  Have a look at the floorplan to select your preferred stands, and return your contract to RenewableUK to seucre the best positions.

The Heart of the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Market

The UK is the world leader in offshore wind. We have more installed capacity than any other country and the largest pipeline of upcoming projects. As of 2016, there is a total of over 5GW installed in UK waters and around 12GW is projected by 2020, by which point offshore wind will supply 10 per cent of the UK’s electricity annually. Employment growth in the sector has been substantial since the numbers were first sourced in 2008 and now stands at around 6,580 full time employees.

Join us at the heart of the world’s largest offshore wind market to make connections with key players in the market and to network with those who have successfully delivered projects both in the UK and around the globe.

Call for Abstracts

Call for abstracts now closed

The power-packed conference topics for Global Offshore Wind 2016 have been released and we need your help to bring it to life. Share your experiences, ideas, past successes and future plans to a packed audience of over 2000 international, offshore wind professionals.

Session topics

Market updates: Europe

This session will include updates from key European markets for offshore wind. Experts will provide analysis of different consenting and subsidy regimes, aiming to provide delegates with a strong understanding of each key market as a business opportunity, and likely issues affecting the speed and scale of development.

Market updates: “East meets West”

This session will include updates from key emerging global markets for offshore wind. Experts will provide analysis of different consenting and subsidy regimes, aiming to provide delegates with a strong understanding of each key market as a business opportunity, and likely issues affecting the speed and scale of development. We would welcome speakers who would be able to speak about opportunities in the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

Construction and O&M lessons learnt

There are now over 3500 offshore turbines in construction and operation worldwide. A wealth of experience from the Baltic to the South China Sea has emerged in solving construction and operational & maintenance challenges by delivering offshore wind farms profitably, safely and efficiently. This session will present real-life lessons learnt and good practice in the field, with an emphasis on the rationale behind implementing particular logistical, engineering and technological solutions during the construction and operational phase of a project.


This session will focus on offshore wind projects (both operational and in development) as investment propositions, by understanding key bankability drivers and investment-readiness factors. The audience will hear about investment models such as non-recourse finance and capital recycling in the context of how they have been used or are likely to be used. The emphasis of the session is on funders’ appetite for offshore wind, with specific reflections on issues such as availability of capital, capital pricing, and risk perception

Technical innovation

The goal of reducing Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) remains at the top of the agenda for the offshore wind industry. This session will look at quantifying progress made so far, as well as approaches to cost reductions whether through development synergies and logistics, or innovation at supply chain level. Contributions on turbine innovation are also encouraged, particularly an understanding between scaling up technology and LCOE reductions. Speakers from across the supply chain are welcome, as well as R&D centres, and in particular those reporting LCOE reductions achieved or with projects quantifying cost reduction levels.

Cost reduction and Asset Management across the lifetime of a project

This sessions aims to explore the optimisation of delivery and operation of offshore wind farms. With industry constantly learning from demonstrable experience in the design, delivery, management and monitoring of projects, this session aims to provide the audience with an overview of the approaches taken across the supply chain to minimise life cycle costs and risk across the lifetime of a project.

Consenting/future leasing rounds/environmental challenges

Environmental protection and nature conservation are two pillars of European and National legislation. Ensuring these two objectives are achieved is an essential prerequisite for the development of offshore wind projects, but the evolving understanding of the marine environment presents proponents with challenges to ensure compliance with existing regulation. One issue we hope to cover in the session will be how newly proposed Marine Protected Areas are taken into account at the assessment phase and how compliance with licence conditions can be ensured post-consent.


The structures of power grids around the world are evolving, and, as offshore wind forms a larger and larger component of supply, then the challenges of integrating generation located far from population centres become more and more pressing. This session will look at the progress made in reducing the costs of developing and maintaining grid connections, it will look at the impact of changes in financial mechanisms on the physical development of grid infrastructure, and it will look at methods of revenue maximisation.


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  • Fecha fin: 2016-06-22
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